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An artist residency provides participants with direct, hands-on experiences with working artists and an opportunity for a professional artist or artists to work in an educational, community or health care setting. The intent of artist residencies is to enrich and support arts programs, not to supplant or serve as a substitute for services more appropriately provided by trained arts educators.

An artist residency encourages students and community members to understand the role of the artist in society, to engage in the creative process, and to think critically about the arts. The residency design allows the artist to involve students, teachers and community members through a variety of arts activities- workshops, classroom activities, master classes, public performances or exhibits; and allows some time for the artist to do his or her own work.

Artists contribute to the learning process for people of all ages. Through an artist residency, we hope to provide an outlet for the creative spark that ignites an entire community to embrace the arts as a central and essential part of daily life.

For artists and art lovers .


painters/musicians/writers/film makers

If you want to experience art in summer/winter/spring in Bucharest, Romania, send your application( CV and 5 photos of your recent works) at

We have 90 mp space , from which 20 mp its a big private room  for residence & art studio, for one or two person and two other rooms for residence, 18 and 15 mp each,.  There is also a small kitchen for your needs, one bathroom , an extra toilette and an additional shared room . Cost per week per person is 100 euro for visiting artist with access to all above. The price covers accommodation, working space, internet access, washing machine.

For more information and  reservations, just send us an email at announcing the desired period and number of people.

Art lovers:

If you like art and artists you can stay by our place   and experience an artistic environment in an art studio having your private room .

Contact us for a reservation at If you want take art classes contact us for the costs and more information.


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