Barcelona travel Journal in painting/photo/qi qong in summer

We are pleased to invite you to Barcelona, at summer urban creativity expedition in one of the most beautiful and exciting cities in the world.

It has a huge number of attractions including a city center which retains its medieval street plan; some stunning modernist architecture including several buildings by Gaudí – Spain’s most famous architect; dozens of museums including one dedicated to Picasso, another to Miró and the beautiful sunny beaches.

The concept of this summer creativity classes is Barcelona travel Journal in painting/photo/qi qong

Each of us will keep a personalize creative journal of our days in Barcelona! That will be a lot of fun!

Painting/ Photography – Qiqong / Meditation
All sessions are intended to relax and bring your creativity to awareness in easy and delicious interactive way of teaching by discovering.
Daily urban expeditions, organize in the way to touch all the major points of interested ,but also to immerse in the local life, by looking for the hidden treasure and have a good and relaxing break by one of the beautiful beach at 30 minutes away for the crowd.

Period of each group is 8 days. The groups are welcome from 27 July to 16 August.

Classes are all levels with professional assistance.
Also mother-child participants are welcome.
Art and wellness -Nature-sun-fun.

Andrei Acatincai – 15 min/day
Aykira Inu & Radu Popescu – 2,5h /every other day
Corina Laura Nae – 3h /day/every other day
Free guided meditations for relaxing and increasing creativity

>Flights/train/bus Bucharest – Barcelona-at your choise

>hostels and hotels from 30euro/night -your choise , they are fast selled

Open registration at

Daily program soon
We will be in Barcelona starting with 17 July preparing the classes , from 20-24  July we are going to Barcelona International Yoga Conference, huge event and after from 27 July  we can start to welcome the groups for classes until 16 August.



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