Wellness and creativity for beginers/intermediars -6/7 May 2017 Bucharest

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In Earth embody your voice, walk in the Water vibration, practice your postures in harmony with the holy geometry of the seasons.

In alignment with the inner fire, travel in your sacred space, express, open your dreams, together developing our inner vision.

Extend the landscapes, colors, vibrations of your different bodies…spanda

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contact info- acrocontact@yahoo.com


Art & Wellness camps 2014 & 2015

Arta : cursuri de desen, pictura, fotografie, musica, dans         sch3

Wellness: cursuri de yoga, nutritie, masaj

Calendarul taberelor:

1. Artcamp Venetia ( desen, pictura, fotografie) august 2014

2.Artcamp Berlin (desen, pictura, fotografie) decembrie 2014

3.Art & Wellness Sardinia (desen, pictura, photografie, yoga, nutritie, masaj, bodypainting ) mai/iunie 2015

4.Art & Wellness Paris (yoga, fotografie, desen) august 2014

Inscrieri si info la casarte@yahoo.com