Drawing a portrait with live model


Dear artlovers ♥ , this classes are all levels.
Painting on Wednesday and Drawing in colours on Sunday.
More details:

1. In the weekend, Drawing in colours class -Sunday from 17-19.30.There are still 3 free places left, tea, colorful pencils, paper.
Total participants to an workshop are 5 persons.,
Call my number for details 0728170971 of exact adresse.

2.During the week class, Painting on Wednesday from 11-13.30- still 2 free places left, 70 ron contribution for some materials, teacher and space. Included -tea, colour pencils, paper, small canvas. Bring own brushes and acrilics or tempera colours.

Contribution for model is 50 ron and will be divided by the number of participants.

Other materials upon request, if in stock, are at same price like in shop..

Registration at casarte@yahoo.com


On FB. https://www.facebook.com/events/164712240564735/


Artventure in Portugal 24-30 Septembrie


Classes all levels, mother- child welcome too.

14 places

We fly to Lisbon, stay there 2 nights then take train to Porto.

Painting( Cori Rai & Radu Popescu) (adults/children)- every other day-2,5h
Photo (Corina Laura Nae) (adults/teens)-every other day -2,5 h
Yoga ( Dana Nedelcu)- everyday other day-1,5h

Qiqonq -every other day-1,5h morning
Sounds Meditations with bowls and gong
Costs -flights, accommodations in villas with kitchen and garden, all classes- 700 euro.

Not included- train Lisbon-Porto-Lisbon, meals.

Open registration at casarte@yahoo.com

Daily program soon.




Portret clarobscur- model feminin-15 Ianuarie

Workshop is for all levels.
We are going to meet at Atelier Casa Arte at 11.00 on Friday.
First we are going to make a few quick sketches observing very well our beautifull model.
Then we will use candel light and start to paint.
Bring with you any materials will like to use.
Contribution for model is 50ron and will be devided by the number of participants.
Contribution for the class is 70 ron per person.


Cursul -Parinte si copil lucreaza impreuna- Luna Noiembrie


Acest curs ajuta comunicarea dintre parinte si copil in timp ce le stimuleaza creativitatea, oferindu-le amandurora notiuni de baza pentru pictura si  desen.

1. In prima lectie  stimulam creativitatea folosind linii si puncte prin exercitii simple. Linia si punctul sunt baza expresiei plastice. Exercitiile din aceasta lectie sunt o introducere practica.

2. In cea de-a doua lectie vom lucra cu formele, punctul si linia plastica. Formele sunt printre primele lucruri pe care le invatam, acestea pot pot fi folosite pentru a reprezenta obiecte complexe, simplificandu-le, iar linia si punctul pot fi folosite pentru a forma distinctii clare intre aceste forme, oferindu-le volum prin calitatea liniei sau decorandu-le, oferind u-le caracteristici unice.

3. Lectia a treia are ca scop introducerea in bazele perspectivei, sau iluzia adancimii si a distantei pe o suprafata plata. Folosind explicatii simple si clare ale perspectivei in desen si perspectivei cromatice.

4. In final lectia patru o sa cuprinda tot ce s-a facut in lectiile anterioare aplicand notiuniile invatate, pentru a compune lucrari mai elaborate.

Contributie pentru un parinte si un copil, 4 intalniri , materiale incluse-400 ron

Durata unei intalniri 45 minute, Duminica 13-13.45

Inscriere la casarte@yahoo.com


Sardinia – Painting/Yoga/photography – 23-29 Mai and after exhibition with best art works

Costa Rei -1 yoga scketch Costa rei_4 Cala_Sinzias_tra_Villasimius_e_Costa Rei

Atelier Casa Arte invite you for a new artventure into the pure nature of Costa Rei, in the extreme south of the beautiful Italian SARDEGNA ISLAND. Infos about classes and prices and registration at casarte@yahoo.com
One-to-one or group classes in English.
Daily program :
♥ Morning(9=10.30) & Evening(20-21.30) Yoga for creativity,strength and relaxation ( Dana Nedelcu) –

♥ Photography( Aurel Virlan– ): themes -Sunset, Night, Portrait, Water, Macro.(total 20 h/week)- contribution 60e
♥ Painting/drawing/ (Cori Rai /Radu Popescu ): beach /buildings and landscape sketches , line and perspective, body sketches, aquarelle painting, beach /town.(total 20h/week/) 100e contribution

♥Holistic Massage – /50min

Accommodation : teachers in private house , students bungalows.

-http://www.campingledune.it/en/ 180euro/for 2 persone sharing a sleeping room and a living with kitchen,nathroom  and a place to eat or relax in front of the bungalow .I read about possibility of extra bed in living room.There are also for 3 or 4 people bungalows.
Transportation : flight to Cagliari and bus, cca 150euro

flight to Alghero , then rent a car (skyscanner.com) or train plus bus.
beach, horse riding, healthy food , fresh fish, relaxation in pure nature, the island of longevity -Sardegna


After camp a small exhibition  in Bucharest with our best art works , paintings and photos.


Painting/photo/art therapy and yoga workshops @ ROME- 4 August-20 August

Art and wellness in Rome.

Atelier Casa Arte invites you in a new artventure in Rome from 4 August -20 August .

You can come one week or both weeks.

Daily 2,5 h intensive workshops 5 days/7, first and last day no workshop, just relax !

Photography themes : portret, sunrise. down, night photography and street photojournalism. For hardworking students:we are also going to a horse farm near Rome. and to the Thermal bath of Saturnalia.

We will keep drawing and painting workshops with 15 hours of intense practise.

Yoga classes on the beautiful beach of Ostia, only 20 minute from Rome.

Photography classes to be held on the beach and also in the city.

Art therapy class will take place also on the beach and a surprise exercise of body painting.

Keep in touch on casarte@yahoo.com for prices and other informations.

For registration : the participants will pay a deposit of min 50% of the class price , in order to pay the rest of 50% until 15 July 2015.

The deposit is not refunded.

For accommodation we can stay in Camping Ostia on the beach or in apartment/hotel in Rome.


Curs de desen – corpul uman – model feminin si model masculin- 6 decembrie

  • Cursul se adreseaza celor care doresc sa studieze si sa deseneze corpul uman. Nu este necesara experienta.La cursul veti primi informatiile necesare .
  • cursdesen1curs desen 1curs desen 2curs desen 3curs desen 4curs desen 5curs desen 6curs desen 7curs desen 8curs desen3IMG_0049IMG_0052IMG_0059bmml
  • Sambata, 10-13, data aproximativa de incepere, in functie de inscrieri 6 decembrie
  • 4 intalniri 
  • schite rapide de linie ale corpului uman, intreg si fragment 
  • tipuri de linie
  • schite de linie si volum (umbra, hasura)
  • studiu corp intreg 
  • intelegerea proportiilor si a legaturiilor dintre ele
  • 400 ron cu materiale incluse
  • modelul nu este inclus , costul de 50ron/sedinta se imparte la participanti.
  • Inscrieri :casarte@yahoo.com
  • Cursul incepe cu grupa de min 4-max 8 persoane
  • ahhh…si avem model, dar cine vrea sa experimenteze si sa pozeze model, este bine venit
  • 1938961_10202968167947285_817813932_o
  • mai multe idei si desene https://www.facebook.com/emil.j.robinson/media_set?set=a.163075351519.123067.513441519&type=1