Creativitate-Ce intentionam sa realizam in 2017-desen/pictura/colaj

Dragele mele si dragii mei, va invitam cu bucurie, la o intalnire creativa, Duminica 18 Decembrie., ora 11-12.30.

Ce intentii avem pntru 2017? Ne vom folosi de creioane colorate si acuarele sa ne compunem fiecare cate o plansa, cu ceea ce fiecare vrea sa manifeste in viata sa. Ca si materiale ajutatoare puteti aduce fotografii sau ce vreti voi si aveti prin casa (materiale de pictura sau chestii pe care vreti sa le colati pe plansa sau care sa va inspire).

Hartia o punem noi la dispozitie si materialele de baza( creioane colorate, acuarele)

Grupa poate fi de 4 (ne intalnim in zona Romana), de 8 (zona Casa Radio-Dinicul Golescu) , peste 8 persoane (Dacia-zona Piata Spaniei)

Intalnire pe baza de donatie si confirmare pe email casarte@yahoo.com.

♥ Iubire si creativitate ♥


Wellness and creativity for beginers/intermediars -6/7 May 2017 Bucharest

Facebook event


In Earth embody your voice, walk in the Water vibration, practice your postures in harmony with the holy geometry of the seasons.

In alignment with the inner fire, travel in your sacred space, express, open your dreams, together developing our inner vision.

Extend the landscapes, colors, vibrations of your different bodies…spanda

Teacher Film

contact info- acrocontact@yahoo.com


Drawing a portrait with live model


Dear artlovers ♥ , this classes are all levels.
Painting on Wednesday and Drawing in colours on Sunday.
More details:

1. In the weekend, Drawing in colours class -Sunday from 17-19.30.There are still 3 free places left, tea, colorful pencils, paper.
Total participants to an workshop are 5 persons.,
Call my number for details 0728170971 of exact adresse.

2.During the week class, Painting on Wednesday from 11-13.30- still 2 free places left, 70 ron contribution for some materials, teacher and space. Included -tea, colour pencils, paper, small canvas. Bring own brushes and acrilics or tempera colours.

Contribution for model is 50 ron and will be divided by the number of participants.

Other materials upon request, if in stock, are at same price like in shop..

Registration at casarte@yahoo.com


On FB. https://www.facebook.com/events/164712240564735/


Artventure in Portugal 24-30 Septembrie


Classes all levels, mother- child welcome too.

14 places

We fly to Lisbon, stay there 2 nights then take train to Porto.

Painting( Cori Rai & Radu Popescu) (adults/children)- every other day-2,5h
Photo (Corina Laura Nae) (adults/teens)-every other day -2,5 h
Yoga ( Dana Nedelcu)- everyday other day-1,5h

Qiqonq -every other day-1,5h morning
Sounds Meditations with bowls and gong
Costs -flights, accommodations in villas with kitchen and garden, all classes- 700 euro.

Not included- train Lisbon-Porto-Lisbon, meals.

Open registration at casarte@yahoo.com

Daily program soon.




Art retreat in Palma de Mallorca 4-11 Iunie


All level classes with professional assistance.
Also mother-child participants are welcome.

14 places.

Painting Cori Rai & Radu Popescu (2,5h /every other day)-.
Photo Corina Laura Nae (2,5h /day/every other day)

Qiqung (1,5 h/day)

Guided meditations

Costs: Flights Bucharest- Palma-all classes(painting, photo, qi qong) -accomodations 7 nights in private villas with kitchen close to beach in Palma- 720 euro/week
Not included : meals and expedition costs to explore the island.

Open Registration and details at casarte@yahoo.com


Portret clarobscur- model feminin-15 Ianuarie

Workshop is for all levels.
We are going to meet at Atelier Casa Arte at 11.00 on Friday.
First we are going to make a few quick sketches observing very well our beautifull model.
Then we will use candel light and start to paint.
Bring with you any materials will like to use.
Contribution for model is 50ron and will be devided by the number of participants.
Contribution for the class is 70 ron per person.